Saturday, September 13, 2014


These thoughts are simply my own reflections on the (sad) fact of multiple denominations of Christian fellowship.

When Paul was travelling and broadcasting the news of who Jesus is and what he has done, and people were experiencing bursting faith and coming together for learning, sharing, caring and maturing, I imagine that every new believer was welcomed into the fold with gladness and joy.

I would find it hard to imagine one group of believers, in those early days, meeting 3 doors down from another group, never combining to celebrate their common joy of forgiveness. Never even darkening one another's doorways, and, worse still, competing for members, criticizing each other and generally being suspicious and derogatory.

Today, sadly, we have blocks of real estate with often 3 or more church buildings, on various corners, each presenting their own version of fellowship at similar times on Sundays.

Obviously, I can't change history in four short paragraphs.

But I do have a vision for combined services on certain days of the year, which particularly include communion.

I think the denominations could suffer each others company for one or two Sundays a year and have shared communion.

I know that communion varies a lot between the churches, and there would be major theological arguments as to how to do it, and who could legally officiate.

But the truth is that communion is the most important meal we celebrate as Christians, and the Lord allowed even Judas, who he knew would betray him, to take part in the original last supper.

If we do not recognize the body of the Lord, we eat and drink judgement on ourselves, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:29. My interpretation of this verse is that the "body" is actually us, the people who make up the gathering, and all those gatherings around us, across the road, down the street, and in neighbouring towns etc. And what we do to the least of His disciples we do to Him!

Financially, theologically, socially, and practically it could be done; major services that celebrate communion interdenominationally, maybe out doors so the world can watch, and join in.

We could do it.

If we want to.