Friday, September 7, 2012


Currently I am on my own, away, on work related travels. I've had time to think and observe. 
I may have good observational skills, or maybe just a good imagination, but I look at peoples faces, and often feel I can interpret their emotions. I hear snippets of conversation as I walk past total strangers. And adding to that, my own behaviours and attitudes, I get the impression that we spend a lot of time complaining, moaning, judging and generally being stressed and unhappy. 

There is an exception; children.
In particular, the under ten year olds.

They seem to make the best of their situation and find joy in the oddest places, yet they aren't embarrassed to express pain or disappointment very publicly, (as well as joy) but this expression seems more honest or wholesome or something (in comparison to us adults).  I also find children very prone to forgiving and forgetting.

What is it we loose as adults???

Security in the eventual good outcome of whatever our current circumstances are?
The ability to switch off the negative emotions and enjoy the moment?
Maybe we can't switch them off when we don't honestly express our pain, instead simply complaining about the person/people whom we blame for our suffering.  By the way, does getting even ever actually heal our pain?

There's something beautifully simple in childhood. Optimism and joy. Excitement at what is just around the next corner. Dreams about our future that we are patient to fulfil. Trust in our parents,. Trust in those in authority. Faith in God. A positive attitude about ourselves and our abilities.
How sad it is when we start doubting all of the above and reinterpret the world around us with a much more negative attitude.  Of course many painful circumstances take their toll on our character, sometimes at a tragically young age.

But Jesus  can and does restore our child-likeness .

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