Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The implications of being a Christian

I was just thinking that it would be worth listing some of the implications of identifying yourself as a Christian.
This is not in order of importance, nor is it exhaustive.
Being a Christian means
That you love Jesus
That you believe that someone who was killed and buried came back to life
That you are willing to be mistreated and not retaliate
That you forgive others
That money is not your main goal
That when you hear Jesus name being used as a negative word, it hurts
That you are committed to helping others, especially if they are also Christians
That you value and respect chastity and marriage
That you think the best of others, and give them the benefit of the doubt
That you highly value the Ten Commandments
That one day, maybe soon, you expect Jesus to appear again
That God allows suffering in our lives, and uses it to our great benefit
That when you answer a question, you are honest
That you are willing to give up what is rightfully yours, if called to do so
That you may be killed for no other reason other than for loving Jesus
That you want to live a holy life

to be continued

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