Saturday, April 9, 2016

Standing Out (Colossians 3:1-4)

For some reason, I like to stand out in certain circumstances. I suppose pride is the main reason. But there is also the sense of having a gift or skill or ability and receiving some *recognition for that ability.
Western culture is so immersed in television, that we are naturally drawn  to the glory that is bestowed by the media and the millions of viewers on those special few who have climbed successfully onto that stage.
We admire and identify with those idols of pop culture. 
We long for our own day of glory.

But for the Christian, self promotion and boasting has been forsaken in the light of  the great gifts of forgiveness, transformation, renewal and regeneration that God has poured upon us by the cross of his Son, Jesus.

As Christians we know that our hope lies with Jesus in heaven, we are to set our hearts on things above.

Somehow we have been raised with Jesus. We have died. Our lives are hidden. Hidden with Jesus.

When he appears, we will appear with him in glory.

I don't exactly know how to explain this amazing future event, but I believe it will far out weigh winning Masterchef, Idol, Australia's Got Talent, X-factor, Biggest Looser, the Olympics, the Arias. the Dove awards, the Acadamy awards, and any other major competition put together.

Appearing "in glory" will be worth the wait, and won't go to our heads as is often the risk with worldly success.

God does make some people stand out, but he also makes everything beautiful in its time. When is our time?
When Christ appears.

*The wanting to receive recognition is also a mixed bag. As we mature, the need for this recognition of our gifts lessens, I think.

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