Friday, December 21, 2018

Multiple choice question

The actual purpose of Christianity is
A. To make people feel at peace within themselves
B. To improve society
C. To avoid hell and to warn others to avoid hell
D. To keep the churches financially viable.
E. No more and no less than what any other religion or philosophy can do, if taken seriously.
F. To have a true relationship with the only true God. 
G. to help find success and comfort in this life and the next.
H. To get people into churches.
I. To break down barriers
J To rehabilitate people from almost any bad habit
K. To provide a crutch to lean on
L. Cheap music concerts for the masses
M. To give people something to believe in.
N. To give old people, old fashioned people and misfits somewhere to belong.
O. Nothing logical or scientific
P. Like a social club but less exciting/.practical
Q. Like a social club but with stronger morals
R. To get people to donate their money.
S. To teach the 10 commandments.
T. To teach Sunday school to children.
U. To preserve a historically significant era.
V. To convert others to Christianity.
W. To baptize as many people as possible
X. To proclaim the sovereign Lordship of Jesus.
Y. To propagate the Bible
Z. All of the above

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