Sunday, April 30, 2017

Too good to wait, (Addendum to Luke 24)

As I listened to this passage again today under wonderful ministry in our church, more rich thoughts came to me.
Firstly, I thought about resurrection, a word that only applies to Jesus as far as I am aware. We use the word liberally today, especially at this Easter season. But when it actually happened, it was shocking, totally unexpected. I'm surprised if they even had a special word for it, Anastasia. I don't know the background of this word, but, as far as I know, Jesus is the only one it applies to, and they had to find words to express this amazing event.
I realized today, after those 2 disciples had that amazing walk to Emmaus, 7 miles on foot. ? 3 hours, who knows. They stopped at the village, invited the unrecognized Jesus into their home, and then came to the wonderful realization that it was the risen Lord who was breaking bread with them. And then he disappeared from their sight.
What did they do next?
Well they didn't sleep on it..., that very night they walked back to Jerusalem, well I'd say they ran, or jogged back, to tell the others, whom they had left earlier that day, that they had seen the Lord!!!
This news was too good to keep till the next day.

Secondly,  I thought about Jesus rebuke to those two disciples. He described them as foolish and slow to believe what the prophets have spoken. Strong words.
I think they apply to us today.
In those days, who would have literally believed in resurrection?  
They would have read Psalm 16 which states "You will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will you let your holy one see decay", but who would take that passage literally, and then believe in Jesus resurrection? Only Jesus.
But we, today, do the same with scriptures regarding Jesus return. Is he really going to be seen across the earth like lightning in the sky? Will those who are dead in Christ rise up and meet Christ in the sky along with those who remain alive? Will a trumpet sound?
When it does happen, many of us will also realize that we have been slow to believe what the prophets, and the apostles have told us. 

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