Sunday, November 1, 2020

We have the Numbers

We are currently pacified.


Our level of moral sensitivity is set, and largely satisfied.


We have elected our messiah-leaders and we have voted to resolve major injustices that have lingered due to long held archaic beliefs. What a time to be alive!

It sounds like freedom.

Modern man, in the west, is finally receiving due recognition, with science and technology as faithful creatures of brilliance, aiding our glorious and worthy ascent.


But it is not modern man, but rather modern being, as gender would threaten to fracture our inevitable victory.


But what if this is a dream, an hallucination, an hypnosis, brought about by unseen forces that are able to look deep into the conscience and moral make up of a human being, and give enough stimulus to our need for justice and progress, that we no longer need religion or faith to quieten our sense of failure.


We no longer need a true creator, a beginning story, a God.


But if there is a day of judgement, then what happens to states and nations, cities and communities, families and individuals; those who have never known that self-direction is a sin?


And if there is a day of judgement, would religion and faith be strong enough to turn the tide of self-righteousness in any of us?


If there is a God, is there any safe haven from the fiery apocalypse of his holiness?


Is there are planet or asteroid in a distant universe, with enough atmosphere to sustain life without God?


Are there any clauses in the fine print of his ten commandments?


It would not be right for anyone to bear such an unbearable cross.


It would be much better to continue, indefinitely, in our current path of enlightened equality, at least until life was interrupted by incurable suffering, and then we are free to be terminated by a younger messiah, who somehow avoided being terminated before their birth, so that our terminal illness is quickly ended. We could then rest in peace.


No suffering is better than a judgement day. We could vote in that one, we have the numbers.

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