Saturday, November 7, 2020

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

One act of kindness will benefit a person, or many people, maybe even a nation. One selfless act will bless others.
But this personal gift does not nullify our personal rebellion against God.
And what if it is not a gift but a calculated investment, an attempt to redeem personal glory in the face of accusation? What if it is a premeditated sacrificial act, well within the means of the giver, designed simply to make a way of escape when justice seems likely to supervene, like a sentencing deal allowing the “lesser” criminal a reduced punishment for the sake of convicting the “greater” criminal?

The world honours these sacrificial acts and does indeed redeem fallen stars when they do good, headlines giving witness to these events.

But we are deeply devious and calculating, we do even convince ourselves that we are good. Genius drives our ability to save ourselves at every difficult turn of conscience.

But no act of kindness can save the rebel heart, on the day of true judgment,  


Other than that quiet act of kindness by the Glorious Father, in sending his dearly beloved Son, as a living sacrifice, giving all he had, beyond his means, to save sinners, of whom we are all the greatest.

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